Newspaper Articles
Date Newspaper Article
December 13 2007 Did UFO Encounter Cost Woman Her Life?
December 21 2007 Alien Astronomers Could Discern Earths Features
December 21 2007 The Geelong Advertiser UFOs Invade Japanese Politicians' Space
December 26 2007 The Times Of India UK To Release Secret Files On 10,000 UFO Sightings
December 29 2007 Waikato Times UFO Reported On Waikato Farm
December 29 2007 South Wales Echo UFOs Are Seen As A Joke But It's Almost An Absolute Certainty They Exist
December 30 2007 The Dallas Morning News UFO Awareness Group Really Isn't So Far Out
December 31 2007 South Wales Echo UFO Casebook
December 31 2007 Daily Post Berwyn UFO puzzle to be solved at last
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