Dana Howard

Dana Howard was one of the mid-1950s contactees inspired by George Adamski. Among her published books were My Flight to Venus (1954), Diane: She Came From Venus (1956), Over the Threshold (1957), Vesta, the Earthborn Venusian and Up Rainbow Hill (both 1959), The Keys to the Citadel of Space (1960) and The Kingdom of Space (1961).

According to Ms. Howard, she was attending a seance conducted by medium Bertie Lilly Candler on April 29, 1955, when Mrs. Candler managed to summon up and materialize an eight-foot tall, beautiful blonde woman from Venus. Within a year after the original late-1952 contactee claims of George Adamski, spirit mediums, automatic writing, Ouija boards, and trance channeling had become the standard ways to contact and communicate with the wise and friendly Space Brothers. The eight-foot blonde, named Diane, provided Howard with the material for all but the first of the seven published books listed above. Howard also wrote The Strange Case of T. Lobsang Rampa (1958).

Diane's messages had the usual, stereotypical mid-1950s Theosophical content, including techniques for "mastery of the subconscious," remembering past lives, "direct knowing," and "Elimination, Purification, Rejuvenation and Regeneration or Transmuting." Once the human race evolves to the next level, it will be transferred as a "life-stream" to Venus, for further spiritual development.

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