David Hamel

David Hamel (1924[citation needed] - 2007) was a carpenter and inventor who claimed to be inspired by extraterrestrials, living in Ontario, Canada with his wife. Hamel claimed to have been contacted by aliens, from a planet called Kladen, which is "located three billion miles from our Earth", and to have been in continuous contact with them ever since.


In 1975, while watching TV, Hamel claimed that a male-female alien couple from another dimension appeared before him.

He claimed the aliens taught him the principles of free energy or perpetual motion, anti-gravity, alternate realities, the truth about the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient architecture such as the pyramids, Stonehenge (which he said is a landing pad for a flying saucer), Atlantis, and other "ET artifacts". They also taught him how to build a flying saucer.

On the walls of the pyramids, David Hamel claimed, the "Neubians", whom he described as "the small people", inscribed the theory of "Free Energy". The reason why he hasn't realized the blue prints, he said, was that the 'men in black', who "usually don't know what they are looking for", seized his materials from time to time, forcing him to begin again from the start with his "prototype".

According to Hamel and his wife, after alien contacts "mystical flower buds", which David said have been left by the extraterrestrials as a sign of hope, appeared everywhere — some of which Hamel kept in a plastic bag and claimed to have stayed green for over 20 years.

Inventions and patents

David Hamel believed his purpose was to share the information given to him by the extraterrestrials with the public and help get rid of the old and polluting energy.

According to David Hamel's official site the Patent Office in Ottawa ignored the "hundreds of drawings" sent there by Hamel over the decades, and denied his patent requests.

Because of the unconventional subject matter, David Hamel also had to make his own measuring instruments.

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