Brigitte Grant

Brigitte (or Bridget?) Grant (pseudonym) is a British make-up artist. She claims to be a multiple abduction victim and also that she has experienced paranormal and alien events throughout her life from early childhood to the present. She is regarded in many circles as being the UK's, if not Europe's, "leading" Alien Abductee[citation needed] and it is widely believed that her abduction experiences are unparalleled. This is to be the subject of the forthcoming book The Alien Within by Nick Pope.

In 2001, at the 20th Leeds International UFO Conference organized by UFO Magazine (UK), Nick Pope introduced Briggite where she related some of her childhood experiences and described them in the context of a child's description, later in the lecture revisiting the simple child-like explanations from a more adult perspective. Nick worked with for several years, and took her to New York to work with Budd Hopkins. He gave a joint presentation with her at the September 2001 conference organised by "UFO Magazine" editor Graham W Birdsall.

One of her early experiences allegedly involved "a little Chinese girl. "I thought has to be Chinese, oriental at lease because of her eyes." and later "…a sort of gazebo in a field. The field shimmered around it and I thought it must have been the grass swaying in the wind. The gazebo had colored lanterns around the outside…flickering…" [not exact quotes]. We were later to find out that the little Chinese girl was probably one of the stereotypical "Greys" and the gazebo was most likely an alien craft.

Brigitte also related more current abduction events, some of which supposedly occurred when she was living in the USA. Nick introduced her to Bud Hopkins, a renowned expert of the abduction phenomenon in the USA, to try to bring clarity to Brigite's deep conscious memories through the use of regression techniques.

In Nick Pope's Weird World article he states that "I gave a presentation with Brigitte Grant, an abductee who I’ve been working with for several years. Brigitte gave an overview of the various strange experiences that she’s had, focusing on a few specific UFO and abduction experiences. For an audience more used to hearing from the abduction researchers, it was refreshing to hear about experiences first hand, from an abductee, and aside from being fascinated by her story, the audience very much appreciated Brigitte’s courage for speaking out about her encounters in so public a forum. The Sunday speakers were equally impressive."

Nick Pope is currently working with Brigitte Grant on a book - The Alien Within - about her extraordinary UFO and abduction experiences, which are unparalleled in the literature.

She is also the founder member of the South West Witness Support Group.

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