James Cooke

James Cooke, from Runcorn in Cheshire, is claimed to be the UK's first case of alien abduction.

He claimed he was abducted from Runcorn Hill at 02:15 on September 6th 1957 and taken to the planet Zomdic, after waking early that morning with an irresistible urge to climb that particular hill, where he was telepathically invited to board a spaceship that changed colour in front of him from blue to white, then to blue again and finally dark red. When he was returned 45 hours later, he claimed he was told by humanoid Nordic aliens to spread universal peace and harmony throughout Planet Earth, and that the citizens of earth should take care with nuclear weapons and the environment and that humans would, "upset the balance if they persist in using force instead of harmony". Cooke claimed he told the aliens, "they won't listen to me", to which they wryly replied "or anybody else either". He claimed to have another contact with aliens on Frodsham Hill. He set up the Church of Aquarius in Runcorn in June 1961, which looked at informing people about the balance of nature.

Cooke since disappeared from the public eye.

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