Contactee is a noun used to describe an individual who professes to have been in regular contact with extraterrestrial beings, either through physical meetings or through telepathy. Typically, they report receiving messages or profound wisdom from benevolent aliens, which they are compelled to share.

Contactees became a cultural phenomona in the 1940s and continued throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often giving lecture and writing books about their experience, and in some cases developing cult-like followings. Although the cultural impact of contactees has since declined, the phenomona still exists today. Skeptics hold that such 'contactees' are deluded or dishonest in their claims. Writer Susan Clancy in her book 'Abducted' (ISBN 0674018796) published by Harvard University Press, wrote that such claims are “false memories” concocted out of a “blend of fantasy-proneness, memory distortion, culturally available scripts, sleep hallucinations, and scientific illiteracy.”

Those who claim to be contactees include:

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