Orfeo Angelucci

Orfeo Angelucci (Orville Angelucci) (1912 - July 24, 1993) was one of the most unusual of the mid-1950s contactees who claimed to be in contact with extraterrestrials.

Angelucci claimed that he suffered from poor health and extreme nervousness for most of his life, and eventually moved for health-related reasons from Trenton, NJ to California in 1948, where he got a job on the assembly line at the Lockheed aircraft plant in Burbank. Fellow contactee George Van Tassel was also employed for a time at this plant.

In his books, Angelucci says he was particularly terrified of thunderstorms and was attracted to California because he heard thunderstorms were very rare there. Angelucci wrote the first version of his pseudoscientific account of matter, energy and life, The Nature of Infinite Entities in 1952, based on "research" done earlier in Trenton, including the launching of a giant cluster of weather balloons.

Beginning in the summer of 1952, according to Angelucci in his book The Secret of the Saucers (1955), he began to encounter flying saucers and their friendly human-appearing pilots during his drives home from the aircraft plant. These space people were superhumanly handsome, often transparent and highly religious. Eventually AnIgelucci was taken in an unmanned saucer to earth orbit, where he saw a giant "mother ship" drift past a porthole. He also described having experienced a "missing time" episode and eventually remembered living for a week in the body of "space brother" Neptune, in a more evolved society on "the largest asteroid," the remains of a destroyed planet, while his usual body wandered around the aircraft plant in a daze.

In his later book, The Son of the Sun, Angelucci related an account that he claimed had been told him by a medical doctor calling himself Adam, whose experiences were similar to Angelucci's. He also published several pamphlets on space-brotherly themes, such as "Million Year Prophecy" (1959), "Concrete Evidence" (1959) and "Again We Exist" (1960).

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